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My work is inspired by modern architecture and, in particular, minimalism. I form each shape out of flat sheet of copper, and fabricate them together. It allows me to explore form that is both representative of architectural elements that I love and my inner most emotional feelings. The use of color is prevalent in my work for its symbolic meaning and emotive qualities. I mainly use powder coating and enamelling technique to apply colors on the piece, and it gives a very different texture looking. I create jewellery that is very personal and emotional, and I believe that there must be connections between the artist and the viewer through the art production.

Alice Yujing Yan is originally from China where she received a BFA degree in animation. In Canada she decided to study jewellery and began metalsmithing at NSCAD University, receiving a BFA in Jewellery Design in 2014. Yan has shown her work through North America, Europe and Asia.

Alice Yan: Text
Alice Yan: Pro Gallery
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