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Like any sketching process, it all begins with a line. Connecting line to line creates a plane and a combination of points, lines and planes form a visible discernible shape. I convey a passion for innovative design and architecture by combining organic, geometric and clean minimalist dynamic forms with lines and joints.
My work is about how one line connects to another, and by connecting them I create shape, figure and three-dimensional structures. I have utilized existing platonic structures and through manipulation and removing lines reduce the planes of the configuration. The piece retains some trace of the original but through the process becomes something new

Originally from South Korea, Jay Joo received his BFA from the Jewellery and Metalsmithing program at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. During his years at OCAD University, he has acquired a diverse skill set that includes traditional fabrication, chasing and repousse and computer aided design. He was accepted into the Harbourfront Centre's artist-in-residence program and was awarded a scholarship in 2012. After his residency, he established JJSTUDIO on October 1st of 2015. His studio is located in downtown, Toronto, where he promotes local art and craft, teaches and continues his practice as a jeweller.

Jay Joo: Text
Jay Joo: Pro Gallery
Jay Joo: Pro Gallery
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